Published by Jeremy Fagan on 1st March 2021

MODEM Book Club

Launching shortly, we’re starting a book club! The first book is Margaret Heffernan’s Uncharted: How Uncertainty Can Power Change. Meeting via Zoom, signup via Eventbrite. Sign up for our mailing list to get more details.

Published by Vaughan Roberts on 25th November 2020

‘The Best & The Worst’ – Stories & Blame

From the Chair – Vaughan S. Roberts In his book The Art of Political Storytelling (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020) Philip Seargeant provides a stimulating analysis of the role stories have in political life. It includes a section headed ‘Strategic Narratives’ (59-64) in which he argues: “The development of storytelling abilities was one of the key factors behind humankind’s…

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Published by Matt Harbage on 3rd November 2020

Leadership in Protest

“If my name remains among the sponsors of the Catholic Peace Fellowship, it is because I believe that this dedicated group is sincerely striving to spread the teachings of the Gospel and of the Church on war, peace, and the brotherhood of man. However, my sponsorship does not imply automatic approval of any and every…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 24th October 2020

Book Recommendation

We have been sent a review by Bob Fyffe, General Secretary of CTBI and member of MODEM, of the new book from Richard Fox, another MODEM member. The review is here, and the link to the book on Amazon is here, Blackwells is here, and Waterstones is here.

Published by Jeremy Fagan on 18th June 2020

MODEM Matters E43

The latest MODEM Matters is now online here.

Published by Vaughan Roberts on 18th June 2020

Book Review: Uncharted: How to Map the Future Together, by Margaret Heffernan.

Simon & Schuster, 2020 353pp; ISBN 978-1-4711-7978-2 £20.00 Reviewed by Vaughan S. Roberts How do we think about the future? How do we predict the future? What roles do complexity and uncertainty play as we seek to chart directions for individuals, projects and organizations? Margaret Heffernan is an entrepreneur, university lecturer, writer and popular giver…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 10th June 2020

From the new Chair – Vaughan S. Roberts

The editor of MODEM Matters has asked me to write a brief introduction about myself as I take up the role of Chair of MODEM. The first thing to do is express my thanks to David Sims for all that he’s done in his six years in that position. He will be a very hard…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 9th January 2020

Prophetic Leadership

Nellie Bly was born in Pittsburgh, one of 15 children. As a young woman, she saw a newspaper article saying that women were only good for bringing up children and doing housework. She wrote a strong letter to the editor complaining about the letter, who was so impressed with the quality of her writing that…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 7th October 2019

Book review: Alive at Work: The neuroscience of helping your people love what they do, Daniel M. Cable.

Reviewed by Vaughan S. Roberts Harvard Business Review Press, 2018 203pp; ISBN 978-1- 63369-425-5 £22.00. How do you maintain your zest for work? And for those in leadership positions, an even more challenging question is how to you maintain the zest for work amongst those in your organization? Dan Cable sets out to address these…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 7th October 2019

MODEM Matters E42

MODEM Matters has just been sent. To subscribe to future editions, click here. This edition includes David talking about good conversations, 17 book reviews (!) and upcoming events and links from around the web.

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