MODEM publishes various reports and papers on topics relevant to leadership, management and ministry. The following are available to download.

Leadership Bibliography

We are delighted to be able to make available a comprehensive annotated bibliography on leadership. This has been prepared by Roger Matthews, Director for Mission and Ministry in Chelmsford Diocese and a Trustee of the Leadership Institute. Roger was a member of MODEM’s panel identifying the best leadership books of the 21st century. You can access the bibliography here.

Biblical Reference Guide

Modem member Richard Fox has produced a collection of biblical references on leadership and management topics. Richard, with colleagues Tony Hennessey Brown and Rachel Howkins, offer their list of key words and Bible references as a resource for study, contemplation and prayer. They remind us that ‘it is important to remember that simple “verse picking” should not be seen as a short cut to wisdom. Instead you are encouraged to consider these verses in their fuller biblical context and in the validity of careful reference to the practical issue which you are considering’. You can access the list on Richard’s website.


Metanoia & Transformation (Autumn 2009)

Subtitled Holy Power in Godly Organisation with Servant Leaders, this paper by MODEM’s East Midlands Group explores the interplay between W Edwards Deming’s work and the Christian tradition. It comes in two parts – click to download Metanoia Part 1 or Metanoia Part 2

Research Projects

Hope of the Managers (2002)

An investigation into Spiritual Energy in Management. Available to download as either the Full report or a Summary.