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MODEM Conference 2022:

Uncharted Journeys

  • Professor Margaret Heffernan, Professor of Practice, University of Bath
  • The Revd Professor James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College
  • Rt Revd Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy, Bishop of Willesden
  • Jackie Le Fevre, Consultant & Author
  • 21-22 November, Sarum College

As we chart our way through the Pandemic many are seeking certainty and direction but are finding that the only certainty is uncertainty. MODEM’s 2022 conference is an opportunity to explore, from a range of perspectives, our journey forward into the future.

The conference theme – ‘Uncharted Journeys’ – mirrors the title of Margaret Heffernan’s book ‘Uncharted: How to Map the Future Together’, published in 2020.  This is one of many books written by Margaret Heffernan which include also ‘Wilful Blindness’ and ‘A Bigger Prize’.  Margaret’s profile encompasses entrepreneur, chief executive, adviser to senior executives around the world, professor at the University of Bath, and writer for the Financial Times and Huff Post…. And Margaret Heffernan will be joining us as keynote speaker as we also explore our own uncharted journeys and those of our other contributors. 

The hallmark of this conference is hearing from inspirational people with wide-ranging experience and remarkable journeys who have particular wisdom to share, and this continues with Jackie Le Fevre who will also be joining us. Jackie spent twelve years in nature conservation, before working with young people and in community development and training. She followed this with the setting up her own company, Magma Effect, responsible for bringing one of the world’s leading values profiling technologies to the UK.

Professor James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College will also be one of the speakers, talking on the subject of A Leader is a Dealer of Hope? Holding, Learning and Surviving in the Pandemic at Sarum. As this suggests, James Woodward will be reflecting on the uncharted journey that Sarum College has had to make as an institution.

The other main speaker will be the Bishop of Willesden, Rt Revd Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy. Before becoming Bishop of Willesden this year, he was BAME Mission and Ministry Enabler in the Diocese of Leicester, wherein he oversaw an increase in representation and participation of those from UK Minority Ethnic (UKME) backgrounds in the life and structures of Leicester Diocese. He is a trustee of St Mellitus College, Church Army, and deputy chair of the Board of Initiatives of Change UK. His interests include ethical leadership, storytelling, and poetry. He feels strongly about issues of social justice.

The Conference will follow the usual pattern of MODEM events in providing opportunity for conversation and reflection sparked by challenging and thought-provoking input from our speakers. In ‘Uncharted journeys’, we will gather round the notion of uncertainty, of how we seize the challenge of helping to create the future, what that means for us as individuals but also as part of something larger than ourselves. Our speakers will draw on their stories and help us to uncover how we can think about the future, and what we can ‘do’ and ‘be’.

Those attending the conference are invited to submit, if they so wish, a brief paper on a significant uncharted journey that they have made or are making. These papers will be curated and shared with all attendees, but not formally presented or debated. Sharing these reflections will highlight the way in which we make uncharted journeys in the company of others and the implications for how ‘we map the future together.’

Practical Details:

  • Date: 21st & 22nd November 2022
  • Timings: Arrivals and registration from 12 noon; opening session at 13.45; close of conference at 13.00, with lunch to follow.
  • Place: Sarum College, Salisbury
  • Cost:
    • MODEM members: £150 residential; £100 non-residential
    • Non-members: £170 residential; £120 non-residential
  • Bookings via Sarum College: MODEM Conference 2022: Uncharted Journeys – Sarum College

MODEM Book Club

MODEM UK has started running a Book Club by Zoom. MODEM’s next Zoom book club is on Tuesday 13th, September 2022 from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm. The book being discussed is Susan Beaumont’s How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going – Leading in a Liminal Season.

The back cover describes the book as a practical book of hope for tired and weary leaders who risked defining this era of ministry in terms of failure or loss. It does not attempt to describe where the church is headed. Rather, it helps leaders stand firm in a disoriented state, leaning learning from their mistakes and leading despite the confusion. This book lays out leadership tasks appropriate for liminal seasons, blending sound organisational practises with a contemplative leadership stance and an attitude of wonder and an openness to discovery. Author Susan Beaumont begins by inviting a fundamental shift in the spiritual orientation of the leader and then moves on to explore the soulfulness of the institution. She introduces four types of work that are appropriate for organisations in a liminal season: Clarifying institutional purpose; shaping institutional memory; deepening communal discernment and nurturing emergence. Susan Beaumont is a consultant, coach, and spiritual director.

Here are the Zoom details to join. Sometimes, the login details work better than the link, so bear that in mind!

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Meeting ID: 863 3709 8820
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If you’re intending to join the book club directly without using Eventbrite, please email timothyhewitt@outlook.com so we know who to expect on the night. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all.

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Archbishop of Canterbury supports MODEM’s work


“The work you do in bringing together perspectives on leadership and ethics from church and commerce is immensely valuable and I am grateful to you for developing these channels of communciation.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Most Revd & Rt Hon. Justin Welby sent MODEM a letter of “warmest good wishes” for its 20th anniversary conference in 2013. He challenged MODEM to continue its work with a reflection on “the love of Christ urges us on…” from 2 Corinthians.
You can read the full letter in a special conference issue of MODEM Matters.