MODEM on a page

A Hub for Leadership, Management and Ministry

MODEM is an ecumenical Christian charity.

We help the church identify, value and make use of the best in organizational thinking and practice and reflect the church’s experience and wisdom back to organizational thinkers and practitioners

We work through:

Conversation in a spirit of inquiry and generosity bringing together research/researchers and practice/practitioners, supported by

An integrated website and newsletter

An annual conference

Events and projects undertaken in partnership with groups with similar aims and values

In order to see

‘Life in all its fullness’ expressed through a healthier church:

Less anxious, more humble, but more confident and purposeful

Ready to listen and learn

Growing in awareness

Characterised by good processes and management


Open to God, to each other, to the world

We see our audience as

Church leaders

Church influencers

Ministers at key stages in formation

Those responsible for ministerial education

Policy makers in the church

The academy – theologians, organizational thinkers and others

Position and Philosophy

  • The world is the sphere of God’s creative, saving and gracious activity. While God’s truth is found primarily in scripture, it can also be found in other places – and not only within the church
  • The church is a divine creation and a set of human societies. It needs to be understood theologically and sociologically, or organizationally
  • Organizational studies is a rich and varied field but not all is either well-founded or helpful: we wish to address those who reject it entirely and those who adopt ideas and techniques uncritically
  • The best in organizational thought and practice has a vital role to play in helping the church bear witness effectively in a changing world

The MODEM Brand

A humane and godly take on leadership, management and organization

The go-to place for understanding and help in exploring the resources of organizational studies today

Able to negotiate mess, ambiguity, uncertainty, complexity

Able to hold anxiety