Best Leadership Books

best-leadership-booksWhat are the best books on leadership, management and ministry published since the turn of the millennium? MODEM invited a panel of people drawn from different backgrounds to consider this question.

Download a PDF of the results here.This includes a short review of each book: we thought a 140 character Twitter-style entry was too much of a challenge, but we restricted ourselves to 140 words on each book.

No such list can be definitive, but we hope that the conversations prompted around the panel will continue more widely.


We looked for books that:

  • Are relevant to one or more of MODEM’s areas of focus: leadership, management and ministry
  • Are practically useful
  • Are intellectually engaging
  • Represent a range of views and possibilities
  • May address individual or organizational situations
  • Encourage reflection from the reader on their past or present situation
  • Were first published after 1 January 2000
  • Are readily available through bookshops or online.


We identified the best ten books in two categories:

  • Books aimed at the general business market
  • Books aimed at a Christian readership.


  • Revd Rowena Francis, Moderator, URC Northern Synod
  • Tim Harle, Vice-Chair, MODEM (convenor)
  • Revd James Lawrence, Director, Development Team, Church Pastoral Aid Society
  • Dr Tim Ling, National Adviser, Continuing Ministerial Development, Church of England
  • Revd Canon Dr Roger Matthews, Director for Mission and Ministry, Diocese of Chelmsford; Trustee, The Leadership Institute
  • Dr Eve Poole, Associate Faculty, Ashridge Business School; Trustee, Foundation for Church Leadership; Trustee, Christian Association of Business Executives
  • Revd Richard Steel, Convenor, Grove Books Leadership Group; Rector of Kirkheaton
  • Dr Scott Taylor, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter Business School
  • Fiona van Graan, Associate Course Director, The Leadership Trust