2014 Conference

Emerging Themes in Leadership

Methodist Church House, London, 2 December

Conference verdict: “great day”, “wonderful people”, “enjoyed the conversations and the crowd”, “funny and profound”, “looking forward to next year!”

Delegates welcomed keynote speakers, Kate Coleman and Clemens Sedmak.


Kate Coleman, Founding Director of Next Leadership & Chair, Evangelical Alliance Council.

Gender, Leadership and the Church: The next part of the journey.

Prevailing leadership paradigms influence many current debates. This talk considered the broader canvass of women’s leadership development both beyond and within the Church. Kate reflected on some issues pertinent to the next part of the journey, including questions related to structures, cultures and behaviours; ability and capability and whether gender and leadership (in any sphere) are primarily women’s issues.


Clemens Sedmak, Professor of Moral & Social Theology, Kings College London.

Leadership and Integrity.

The talk explored the Christian contribution to the understanding of leadership in the light of a key notion of Christian Ethics, namely “integrity”. The talk addressed three questions: 1) What are fundamental requirements for ethical leadership? 2) How can we characterize “integrity” as a key normative concept? 3) Which role does integrity play in the leadership discourse? The talk included both a theoretical basis as well as case studies.


Copies of slides from Kate Coleman’s talk on Gender, Leadership and the Church.

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