Published by Jeremy Fagan on 22nd November 2022

Uncharted Journeys – towards a future story

Contemporaneous notes from MODEM’s 2022 Conference, session 3. Rt. Rev. Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy, Bishop of Willesden, talking about the role he had in Leicester diocese, when he was trying to make the Church of England more representative of the community that it serves. How do we inhabit an emergent process of cultural change? Keeping definitions of…

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Published by Jeremy Fagan on 7th October 2019

Good Conversation in Church

From the Chair – David Sims Conversations are breaking down everywhere. In the UK there is much discussion about the breakdown of our national conversation, as we move from not being able to talk about death and religion to finding that we cannot even talk about our different views of a customs union. Conversations between…

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