Published by Jeremy Fagan on 12th September 2018

Could you be MODEM Secretary?

_wsb_165x208_derekOur Honorary Secretary, Derek McAuley, completes his second three year term as a Trustee in December this year, and this is the maximum time that our Trust Deed permits anyone to serve. Derek has been an excellent Secretary, which means that he leaves the role in very good shape, and will be happy to be involved in showing his successor the ropes. The duties are:

The Secretary of MODEM has the following responsibilities:

  • make arrangements for regular Leadership Committee meetings and agree the agenda with the Chair.
  • take the minutes of Leadership Committee meetings.
  • act as the Charity Commission contact and complete the Annual Return
  • act as liaison with CTBI and staff at 39 Eccleston Square (registered office)
  • retain records and oversee governance arrangements more generally, including use of a shared Dropbox folder
  • make arrangements for the Annual Meeting of Members, organise Chairs’ and Treasurer’s reports and take the minutes of the meeting.

The Secretary will need to attend Leadership Committee meetings, and ideally will become a Trustee of MODEM. We would like to identify someone as soon as possible so that they can be in touch with Derek and see what needs to be done over the next few months. Could it be you? Or do you know someone who you think might be able to undertake this crucial role? If so, please contact Derek McAuley, or David Sims,

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