Published by Rachel Noel on 11th September 2017

Issue 35, July 2017

In this issue:

•        Class, anger and personal encounter, Douglas Board
•        MODEM Conference, December 2017:  What is the Church for? Mobilising and organizing beyond Sunday morning
•        From the Chair: Time Wisdom, David Sims
•        ‘Leaven: The Hidden Power of Culture in the Church’, Book Review by Tim Hewitt
•        Susanna Wesley Foundation Annual Conference – Changing Church, September 2017

I hope you enjoy reading the information and views in this edition.  As David Sims asks in his contribution, Time Wisdom:

‘Does reading ‘Modem Matters’ appear on your to-do list? Or are you reading for the joy of doing so and with the excitement of wondering what will become fresh and new to you as you read?’

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